The Need of a Process “methodology” for Projects Success

23 Jan
Project Methodology

The Need of a Process “methodology” for Projects Success

Processes are critical for projects success. Think about it. How many people in an organization DO NOT know how to apply for leave? or more so; how many employees DO NOT know what the procurement process requirements and timelines are is in an organization?

Critical activities with like supply chain management are watched closely by all staff and management, and have lots of investments done on them in terms of consultancy, systems, processes and procedures etc.

Also the personal agenda and objectives related processes like application of leave in organizations are known to even the most temporary or junior staff.

So why are the project management processes, that encompass and use the above processes neglected? While managing and delivering successful projects, this contributes to the organizations image, professionalism and more importantly the bottom line of the projects and the organizations.

Do i have a point? Do you think organizations should begin investing in Project Management Services and Consultancies?

Here is a simple process that any organization can create to begin streamlining their project delivery. If you manage a much complicated project or organization. Engage your self to build your capacity to be able to draw your own effective project management methods and/or life-cycle.



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