The ABCs’ of Project Management Adoption in your Organization

01 Aug
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The ABCs’ of Project Management Adoption in your Organization

It is very easy for consultants and business advisers to suggest changes to an on-going business.

Let us tell you, the first thing that comes to the business owners mind is that, is this idea sustainable? Do i have the people for this change? How expensive is the sustainability of this change?

We consider these questions before we propose any sort of changes. We consider what the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) refers to as Organizational Process Assets.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Consider Organizational Process Assets which are the current on-going business operations. These are the current processes, current financial infra-structure and templates that the business is adopting. There is no need to change what is working well right? So we work with what is working well and consider solutions of improvement around this system.
  2. Consider the organizations talent and the globally suggested best practices. The identification of an internal champion within the organization, who is not the Chief or the Director in the organization is key to the success of and adoption of change. This champion becomes the scout between the “outside world” which offers a work of ideas and suggested best practices and the “inside world” where the business reality and constraints are considered. The alignment of what we can have vs. what should have is a key for success.
  3. Chose an approach that works. The internal champion balances the AS – IS and the TO – BE and adopts an approach that will fix the “immediate bleeding areas”, with the consideration of iterative growth and continuous improvements.

The above approach will help organizations to align to the right approach for adoption of changes. What are your thoughts?

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